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40 Fence Post Finials by Micki Skudlarczyk and Ceramic Class - Spring 2012

  • Title: 40 Fence Post Finials
  • Artist: Micki Skudlarczyk and Ceramic Class - Spring 2012
  • Medium: Clay
  • Size: Range: 6-8"h x 6-8"w
  • Creation date: 2012
  • Added to collection: 2012
  • Donor: Student Art in the Garden project
  • Campus: Rock Creek
  • Location: The Learning Garden

Fence post finials project. 40 students from two classes made ceramic birds and bugs inspired by those critters who hang out in the gardens of the Northwest. Each piece began with a uniform template for the base. From there, students were able to interpret their bird or bug of the Northwest in their own unique and playful manner.

The image shown here is just one example. View the larger image, or to see them all.