Athletic Mission

Our institution is committed to winning a championship and to the total development of each player in every area of their life. Therefore it is strategically important that each one of our players ultimately graduates from college, matures athletically, and maintains a high livability standard throughout the duration of their student-athlete time at PCC.

Students have a multitude of career choices to choose from, and we demand that our basketball players thrive in academics. Our program has mandatory study halls, a learning center, and has allocated staff to monitor our student-athletes' progress. We have also included specialized tutors into our program to help ensure their academic success. It is important to understand that the advancement to a 4-year institution after the completion of the Panther Basketball Program is an established goal.

The Panther coaching staff desires extremely talented young players who go unnoticed by 4-year institutions, may not have the academic credentials to gain entrance into a university basketball program, or wish to develop their level of play before going to a Division I school. The Panther Basketball Program has established goals to build and maintain a championship basketball regime by recruiting these types of players and advancing them to the next level academically and athletically.

As a college competing in the NWAC we are at the full limit for athletic funding that is allowed by this association. As a result we are able to recruit and attract top level student athletes into our program and are able to offer them as much as any other junior college that we are competing against.

Portland is a city which provides a high livability standard for its citizens and this contributes to the fact that PCC is the largest junior college in the Northwest with an enrollment of over 80,000. Our college has three comprehensive campuses that are large, full-service facilities. These three unique campuses allow a student-athlete to live anywhere in the Portland Metropolitan Area and still be close to a PCC campus. Each campus offers university transfer courses, libraries, bookstores, and a multitude of student services. Portland also has one of America's top public transportation systems that allow its residents to travel freely throughout the city without car ownership.

The Rose City of Portland is one of the most beautiful cities in America, with a big city feel, yet not so big that you don't have that "at home" feeling. The Portland Metropolitan Area has over 2,200,000 citizens, offers great museums, performing arts, restaurants, shopping centers, and more than enough events and activities to satisfy all of its residents.