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Everyone is Welcome in the QRC!

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The Queer Resource Center's mission is to facilitate a campus community that intentionally advocates for, supports, and empowers students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexualities, sexes, gender identities, and gender expressions. We conduct educational outreach as well as provide a safe, welcoming space that offers both academic and personal support to Portland Community College's LGBTQQ and Ally communities.

What will you find in the QRC?

A safe space to relax and be yourself, free computer use and printing, free coffee, tea and snacks, a queer media library, movie nights, queer-related events, supportive peer advocates and staff (who can talk with you about anything from coming out to how to be a better ally to your queer friends), family and community, safer sex supplies, leadership opportunities, referrals to all campus resources (such as career advising, counseling, and more), and dance parties.

Check out our Upcoming Events! We occasionally have offerings, such as free HIV testing, speakers, drag shows, and other events.

QRC Front Desk

Want to join the Rock Creek Queer/Straight Alliance Club?

More information to come!

Want to advocate for Gender Inclusive Spaces?

You're welcome to join the Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee. For more information about GIS, email Becky Springer.

QRC Student Voices

  • "I lost hope that anyone really cared that I was having trouble until I came to PCC and starting hanging out at the QRC. Everyone here has been really friendly and wonderful and I finally felt like I belonged somewhere."
  • "The school is a better place with the QRC."
  • "The QRC has encouraged me to be more open and comfortable with myself at home. The support that I have been shown by everyone here has been amazing."
  • "They taught me that I can be myself and not someone else"
  • "The support and community I found within in the QRC has given me so much more confidence. It has opened so many opportunities that will help me later in life. Getting involved in the QRC was the best decision I have ever made, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. All of the resources have helped me at some point. The involvement has created a full PCC experience."
  • "[The QRC] made me realize how important I am to the community."
  • "having access to an affirming community has made my school experience way more enjoyable. The overall friendships, safe space, and discussions have made school a better experience."
  • "The QRC community gave me the confidence and emotional support to come out to my mom and it's helped me feel more comfortable at home."