Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

How You Can Assist Us to Better Serve Students

We value and appreciate the support of faculty and staff to make our services as effective as possible for our students. Students are frequently referred to us by counselors and advisors, but faculty may be the first to recognize that a student could benefit from career assistance. For example, faculty who teach general education courses will meet students who develop a passion for the material and show a desire to pursue that particular subject for their major. Career Exploration Centers can assist student to determine "What can I do with a major in…", particularly when it is a liberal arts major and students aren’t aware they actually have many career paths available to them.

Faculty will also meet students who may be struggling in a subject area and are considering changing majors but aren’t sure what else is available to them. Our Centers’ career assessments can be a great place for such students to start to identify and explore careers they hadn’t previously considered.

We know that students take your suggestions and referrals seriously and we would be happy to talk with your students about any career information they may need.

Schedule a Classroom Presentation

The Career Exploration Center staff would be happy to come to your classroom to present on a wide-range of career-related topics. We can also develop a presentation that is geared specifically for your students. In the past, we have even visited classrooms when the instructor has had to be absent, but didn’t want to cancel class and opted to provide students with career information related to their subject of study.

Schedule a Tour of the Career Exploration Center

We encourage classes to visit us in the Career Exploration Centers so we can provide students with an overview of our services and resources. We find that when students visit us as a class, they are more likely to return again and use our resources on their own time. Our Career Exploration Center overviews usually take about 20-25 minutes; often classes opt to remain after the overview so students can begin a career-related research project as assigned by the instructor.