Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Getting Started

Enrollment Steps

  1. Get admitted to PCC.
  2. Complete a new student orientation.
  3. Take the COMPASS placement test only if your academic goal is the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.
    • Students who wish to pursue an AAS degree must take the COMPASS reading, writing, and math placement test in order to be eligible to register for general education courses.
  4. Activate your MyPCC account.
  5. Complete the Welding Prospective Student Form. Once the form has been submitted your name will be added to the Prospective Student List for the location indicate on the form. Prospective students will remain on the list until they are contacted by the Welding Department or until the eighth week of the term. At the eighth week of the current term, the Prospective Student List will be closed and those still on the list will be notified by email. At that time, the Prospective Student List for the upcoming term will be opened. If you wish to continue on the Prospective Student List you must submit a new Prospective Student Form. Contact welding@pcc.edu with any questions.
    • Please note: a Prospective Student Form is not required for registration into WLD 101, WLD 102 or WLD 203. These three courses are lecture only and registration is first-come, first-served
  6. Arrange your finances:
  7. Make an appointment with one of the following program advisors to discuss your goals and to get started on your classes. Together you can create an academic plan to meet those goals:
    • Swan Island Welding Training Center/SE Campus contact:
      Darcy Demers
      971-722-6419 [email preferred]
    • Rock Creek Welding contact:
      Annette Murphy

If you need assistance with the enrollment process please visit an Orientation Center or contact welding@pcc.edu.