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Fuel cell technology

The most comprehensive Renewable Energy Systems (RES) training offering in the State of Oregon preparing technicians for solar power, wind power, fuel cell and other renewable energy fields. Join the worldwide revolution in renewable energy! Invest in your future! Contact Electronic Engineering Technology and enroll in RES today!

Why RES ?

windmills solar panels
  • RES graduates can be hired as technicians in the wind manufacturing/servicing, solar manufacturing/installation, fuel cell, and other renewable energy areas
  • Great jobs projection for the next decades
  • Great industry support
  • Full transferability into the 4-year EET degree of OIT
  • We are working on accommodating commuting and compressed or heavy work schedule by adding a long distance component to the existing course offering along with a lot of flexibility for the labs
  • PCC has significant financial aid choices
  • EET and its RES option share many courses. EET courses can be started in the fall and in the winter
  • Other EET options available in case you decide to make yourself more marketable for the competitive jobs market of today: Biomedical Engineering Technology, Wireless and Data Communications
  • Great Leadership – we make changes "happen" promptly to accommodate the needs of our local industry and community

Degrees and Certificates

Students can complete the EET AAS degree and/or the the following EET option:

  • Associate of Applied Science in EET: Renewable Energy Systems
  • One Year Certificate in EET: Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Systems is an option of Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) program, giving students a more specialized track to a career in renewable energy field

See the Catalog for more information, including program prerequisites.

What's Next?

  1. Attend an advising session (times and days listed on main Electronic Engineering webpage).
  2. Follow the instructions on the EET Admissions web page.