Course Content and Outcome Guide for GD 229

Course Number:
GD 229
Course Title:
Portfolio Preparation
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Course Description

Covers the process of developing a professional-level graphic design portfolio. To enroll, student must be eligible to graduate in the current calendar year. Prerequisites: GD 228.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Students should be able to: 

  • Present a body of work demonstrating the design and technical skills required to qualify for employment or transfer to a 4-year school 

Course Activities and Design

Portfolio Preparation employs lecture, one-on-one exchange, class discussion and critiques, and professional presentations to inform students of the possibilities and methods for assembling a professional portfolio. Students will use outside lab hours for revamping previously produced pieces. Students participate in videotaped, simulated employment interviews to prepare themselves for entering the job market.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The compilation of a professional-level portfolio will be the major criteria for evaluation. The package will be evaluated for production values, design, creativity and meeting all specifications of the project within the deadlines. Participation in classroom discussions, exercises and interviews will be an additional factor in assessment.