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DE 21
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Introduction to Information Literacy
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Course Description

Introduces students to the skills used to formulate a research query, emphasizing intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and persistence in information seeking activities. Students learn and practice research as a multi-step process: identifying an information need and selecting a topic; formulating a question; locating and selecting varied and appropriate print and electronic sources; using critical reading and thinking to evaluate information; and paraphrasing and citing sources. Use of library resources is required, including contacting Reference Librarians for research assistance. This course is offered as a co-requisite to RD 80. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Apply the process of effective information seeking utilizing intellectual curiosity and creative thinking.
Use critical reading and thinking skills to select, evaluate, and cite sources appropriate for information needs.
Identify an information need
Formulate an answerable research question
Effectively use the library's print, electronic, and human resources
Use specialized vocabulary related to the research process

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Identification of information need and topic selection
Question formulation
Source selection and use of diverse sources
Distinguishing between internet and electronic library sources
Evaluation of websites and other sources for credibility
Comprehension and annotation of sources for key ideas and personal connections
Persistence in information seeking activities
Appropriate use of informal citation
Contact with Reference Librarian
Research Log
Applied Capstone
Vocabulary exit test

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Identifying an information need
Reading widely and exploring varied sources in order to refine topic selection
Forming research questions for academic and/or lifelong learning
Identifying and selecting appropriate sources for information need
Evaluating internet and library sources for credibility
Using sources appropriately
Developing greater confidence accessing library resources
Deepening intellectual curiosity and expanding creative thinking