Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Alcohol and/or Drugs on PCC Property

The PCC Alcohol and Drug Policy prohibits the use of, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverage on any property owned or controlled by the college. Any person drinking or under the influence of alcohol on college property will be escorted off the property by a DPS officer and may face disciplinary action.

PCC policy also prohibits the use, possession, sales or distribution of any illegal substance or drug on any property owned or controlled by the college. Any individual found to be using, possessing, selling or distributing such illegal substances may be subject to being escorted off campus by a PSO, college disciplinary action and/or arrest in accordance with Oregon State or Federal laws.

Sexual Misconduct or Abuse on Campuses

Sexual misconduct is clearly inconsistent with the purposes of an academic community, and is a violation of the Students Code of Conduct, as well as a violation of State and Federal laws. Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unwanted verbal contact (including telephonic and voice mail), written (including electronic mail), pictorial or physical contact of a sexual nature which a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, offensive and/or which adversely affects the learning environment on any campus.
  • Unwanted forceful sexual contact. The use of force may include, but is not limited to, the use of body weight, pushing, hitting, coercion, or threats. Resistance may be verbal, physical or both.
  • Sexual intercourse within the legal definition of statutory rape, or when this victim is incapable of consent by reason of mental incapacitation or physical helplessness, whether the use of force is present or not.

DPS should be notified as soon as possible of any incident of sexual misconduct on campus. The well being of the victim is the primary concern of the department, and an active victim's referral program is available. The department will offer guidance to assist in evidence preservation and will also notify the proper law enforcement agency to respond.

In addition to criminal proceedings on a charge of sexual misconduct by a student, disciplinary proceedings will be processed through the office of the Dean of Students. Portland Community College will attempt to prevent the disclosure of the identities of the victim(s) and the accused throughout the process until a final determination has been made.

Both the victim and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities during the proceedings, and both will be informed of the outcome of such proceedings. The college considers sexual misconduct an act of violence which may be addressed by suspension, dismissal from classes, or other disciplinary actions.

In the case of an allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of a staff member, the disciplinary review could result in required counseling, suspension, and/or termination of employment.

PCC provides a variety of educational programs and materials which address rape/acquaintance rape awareness and prevention information as well as other self-protection programs. These programs are offered through DPS and are available upon request to extension 4902.

Please also refer to the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act.

Weapons on PCC Property

The possession of any dangerous weapon or deadly weapon (as defined in ORS 161.015) on college property is prohibited unless possessed by a certified law enforcement or public safety officer, as part of a college activity where such possession has been specifically granted, or in compliance with applicable Oregon State law (ORS 166.370).

The possession of a firearm, whether carried openly or otherwise in violation of ORS 166.370, is disruptive to the college’s mission and authority to maintain a safe and uninterrupted educational environment on all PCC facilities and properties.

The College through the Department of Public Safety will exercise its authority granted to the College by Oregon Revised Statutes to maintain a safe and uninterrupted educational environment at all times on PCC facilities and properties.  Any individual who is disruptive to the educational environment on college property is subject to being escorted off campus by a Public Safety Officer or local law enforcement officer, college disciplinary action and/or arrest in accordance with state and federal laws, including ORS 166.370.