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Academic Affairs

Sylvania, 971-722-4621

Points of Interest


  • Accreditation
    Self-Study Reports, Documents Related to Reporting
  • Institutional Policies and Resources
    Academic Policies and Standards, Student Rights and Responsibilities, College Core Outcomes, Degree and Certificate Outcomes, Instructor Qualifications, Program/Discipline Review
  • Educational Advisory Council (EAC)
    Meetings/By-Laws/Membership/Recommendations, Handbooks, Standing Committees,Task Forces (past and present)
  • Committees
    EAC Standing Committees, Copyright Committee, Internationalization Initiative, Learning Assessment Council (LAC), Sustainable Practices for the Academic and Resources Council (SPARC)
  • Organizational Guide
    Offices and departments that fall under the responsibility of the Academic and Student Affairs
  • ASA Archives
    Planning and communication from the past