Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Alcohol and Drug Counselor (Credit)

AD Open Courses

AD 102
Drug Use and Addiction
AD 106
Smoking Cessation

AD Restricted Admission Courses

AD 156
Ethical & Professional Issues
AD 270B
Practicum: Addiction- Seminar
AD 278
Practicum Prep

Art (Credit)

ART 131A
Drawing I
ART 131B
Drawing I
ART 131C
Drawing I
ART 181A
Painting I
ART 181B
Painting I
ART 181C
Painting I
ART 231A
Drawing II
ART 231B
Drawing II
ART 231C
Drawing II
ART 270A
Printmaking I
ART 270B
Printmaking I
ART 270C
Printmaking I
ART 271A
Printmaking II
ART 271B
Printmaking II
ART 271C
Printmaking II
ART 281A
Painting II
ART 281B
Painting II
ART 281C
Painting II

Biology (Credit)

BI 101
BI 112
Cell Biology for Health Occ

Anatomy and Physiology

BI 121
Intro Human Anatomy/Phys I
BI 232
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BI 233
Human Anatomy & Physiology III

Communication Studies (Credit)

COMM 110
Voice & Articulation
COMM 111
Public Speaking
COMM 130
Business & Professional Comm
COMM 214
Interper Comm:Process & Theory

Computer Information Systems (Credit)

CIS 120
Computer Concepts I

Dance (Non-Credit) (Non-Credit)

Cuban Salsa Dance: Casino

Do It Yourself (DIY) (Non-Credit)

Construct it Yourself

Electronics for Inventors: Arduino and Soldering
Wearable Electronics

Emergency Medical Services (Credit)

CEU 915U
EMT Skills I
CEU 931I
24 hr EMT Recert
EMS 114
Emergency Resp Patient Traspo
EMS 116
Emergency Med Serv Rescue

Emergency Preparedness (Non-Credit)

The Big One: Earthquake Ready

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Credit)

Levels 1 - 3: Non-Credit Classes

Level 1 Integrated Skills
Level 2 Integrated Skills
Level 3 Integrated Skills

Health (Non-Credit)

Pain Reduction Workshops

Pain Free Body Techniques: Lower Back Focus

Hobbies and Crafts (Non-Credit)

Sewing and Quilting

Pineapple Quilt

Multimedia (Credit)

MM 110
Introduction to Multimedia
MM 120
Multimedia Design
MM 130
MM Graphic Video & Audio Prod
MM 140
Multimedia Authoring I
MM 150
MM Proj Review,Test & Delivery
MM 160
Market Yourself as MM Profess
MM 199J
Intro to Game Art Development

Nature, Yard, and Garden (Non-Credit)

Organic Vegetable Gardening: Basics for Beginners
Organic Veggie Gardening: Crop Rotation & Companion Planting
Gardening for Bees, Butterflies, and Beneficial Bugs

Paralegal (Credit)

PL 107
Techniques of Interview
PL 124
Law Office Management
PL 222
Corporate Law Practice

Personal Finance (Non-Credit)


Leaving a Legacy

Physical Education and Dance (Credit)

Individual/Recreational Activities

PE 182G
Tai Chi II
PE 182S
Tai Chi I

Physics (Credit)

PHY 201
General Physics

Visual Arts (Non-Credit)


Ceramics: All Levels