Resources for undocumented and DACA students

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Sanctuary college

Message from the PCC President

"At the heart of Portland Community College is a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. These values are essential to the college's mission, to our accreditation themes, to the Board's goals and objectives, and to the college's strategic plan. In keeping with these values, the Portland Community College Board of Directors has moved to apply the term 'sanctuary college' to PCC." Mark Mitsui
President, Portland Community College


PCC DREAMers Fundraising Gala
Sat, April 29, 6-9pm, PCC Rock Creek Event Center
Event proceeds go to scholarships for PCC DREAMer students and related support services. Become a sponsor or purchase your tickets!

See these and other upcoming events on the Preferred Future Events Calendar.

Financial help

Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA)
In Oregon, eligible undocumented students have access to several ways to help pay for college. You can start by filling out the ORSAA to be eligible for state financial aid. Get more information and assistance from Oregon Goes to College.
PCC DREAMers Scholarship
Students are eligible for this scholarship opportunity if they are first generation college students, demonstrate financial need, ineligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid, preference given to students who speak Spanish, scholarship recipients will be invited to participate in a leadership program offered through the PCC Multicultural Center during the scholarship year. Applications will open up again in 2017.
The DREAM Project
The DREAM Project is a mentoring program offering scholarships to PCC students from Mexican immigrant families through a partnership between PCC and the Institute for Mexicans Living Abroad Scholarship Program (​IME Becas​). Students who earn a scholarship from IME Becas will be part of a newly created mentoring program housed at Rock Creek Campus through its Multicultural Center. Applications will open up again in May 2017.

A community in support

Supporting Undocumented Students Committee
In 2016, a committed group of students came together with faculty and staff from the Office of Equity and Inclusion's District Diversity Councils and the Rock Creek Multicultural Center to enhance support for undocumented and DACAmented PCC students.

In early December, the group hosted a powerful event, Coming Out of the Shadows, at PCC’s Rock Creek Campus. Dozens of students shared stories of resilience and empowerment. The event gained media attention, including OPB (Spanish version).

The student movement associated with the group worked collaboratively with PCC's administration and Board of Directors to help galvanize the college's decision to name PCC a sanctuary college.