Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Building 7 summer 2017

In the Student Learning Center, enrolled students can use the following resources:

  • Drop in tutoring
  • Access a computer lab (PC/Mac)
  • Use printers
  • Study at one of the 14 student study tables
  • Use white boards to brainstorm and facilitate group discussions
  • Borrow textbooks, calculators, headphones
  • Reserve one of two group study rooms
  • Reserve the Speech Lab for presentation practice

Hours and schedule

The center opens on Wednesday, April 5 at 8am. All tutoring begins at 9am daily.

RC SLC will be closed Tuesday, April 25 & Monday, May 29 and the last day of tutoring will be Wednesday, June 14. Please note that testing week hours will differ from normal hours.

Subjects available for tutoring

  • Adobe Programs
  • Accounting
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • ESOL
  • English Pronunciations
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Math 58-261
  • Microsoft Office Programs
  • Media Studio/Graphics
  • Photoshop
  • Physics
  • Reading
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • WordPress

How does tutoring work at Rock Creek?

For drop in tutoring, sit at a table, get all your materials ready, put up a flag to work with a tutor. Choose the flag that represents the subject you're studying.

What do the flags mean?

The SLC flagging system allows you to notify tutors when you are ready for assistance. When you have a question, raise the flag, and an available tutor will come over as soon as they can.

  • Pink: Accounting
  • White: Biology/A&P
  • Light Green: Calculus
  • Red: Chemistry
  • Yellow: Computer/CAS/Web
  • Green: Math
  • Teal: Physics
  • Orange: Statistics
  • Purple: Other

Engage with the Rock Creek Student Learning Center

Center Policies

  • All students must check in and out at the front desk.
  • Academic integrity is a critical value in the SLC and the college. When it comes to assessments, tutors may only assist with those that are already graded. They will not help with ungraded quizzes, tests, or take-home exams unless the instructor has explicitly noted on the document that tutoring is permitted.
  • When it is busy, there may be a wait. If you are waiting longer than 20 minutes please let the front desk know.
  • Borrowed Student Learning Center resources must remain in the center.
  • If you bring food into the Student Learning Center, please limit it to small snacks that don’t create strong smells or messes.
  • Per PCC policy, please refrain from bringing children into the center.
  • Please keep valuables with you.
  • Please provide evaluation in the remarks box when you check out of SLC. Your opinion is important to us.

Tips for Tutoring and Testing

  • Have all your materials out and ready for tutoring.
  • Prepare questions for tutor and put flag up when ready.
  • To best support your own learning, think of tutoring as a partnership that involves you engaging in problem-solving along with the tutor. Tutors will not simply provide answers to problems or assignments.
  • When you have missed class and instruction in a course concept, be sure to talk to your instructor during office hours or at least via email. Tutors are not here to replace your instructor or make up for classes that you missed.
View helpful information about attending tutoring sessions and taking tests.

Additional Tutoring Resources


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