Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Overview and Benefits

Put your education to work!

Benefits for Students

  • Explore jobs & careers related to your college major
  • Earn academic credit to transfer or apply to degree/certificates
  • Get your foot in the door in this competitive job market
  • Apply your classroom learning in real-world settings
  • Gain confidence & practice on-the-job knowledge & technical skills
  • Build your resume with current relevant work experience
  • Expand your professional network in your career field
  • Enhance your scholarship & university applications

Benefits for Employers

  • Gain enthusiastic and motivated workers for part-time or short term needs
  • An opportunity to pre-screen potential employees
  • Access to students with special skills and knowledge
  • An avenue for direct input into college education and training

Benefits for Faculty & Staff

  • Credit for discipline-related work experiences
  • Strengthen relationship between theory & practice
  • Keep curriculum relevant to real-world changing needs
  • Enable students to bring outside learning to classes
  • Increase student motivation for academic work
  • Provide additional avenue to assess learning
  • Build relationships with local community employers
  • Source of FTE for department & college

Cooperative Education Offices

Cascade Campus

SSB 104

Rock Creek

Bldg. 2, Rm. 102

Sylvania Campus

CC 213