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Our program prepares you to become a professional landscaper with a career specialization. The first year focuses on the basic science, math and landscape knowledge required in all phases of the landscape industry. In the second year, you’ll have flexibility to pursue areas of interest through certificate and elective choices and cooperative education. Completion of the A.A.S. degree satisfies the educational portion of the eligibility requirements to take the State Landscape Contractors Licensing Exam.

Our curriculum is designed to offer you a variety of career paths:

Associate of Applied Science in Landscape Technology
Prepares students for entry-level and supervisory work in landscape construction, design, landscape management or nursery production.
Associate of Applied Science in Landscape Construction
Prepares students for work in landscape construction installing landscapes, outdoor construction features and irrigation systems.
Associate of Applied Science in Landscape Management
Prepares students for work in the landscape management field, maintaining residential, estate, commercial and public properties, golf courses, private/public gardens and parks.
Associate of Applied Science in Landscape Design

Prepares students to work in the landscape design and construction field performing design services for residential and small commercial projects. This meets the academic standards set by the National Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Landscape Management Technology
Prepares students for careers working with natural resources and sustainable landscape technologies. Students who complete the degree will have a broad background in science and the technical skills to construct, maintain and monitor sustainable landscape systems such as bioswales, greenroofs and environmental restoration projects.
Less Than One-Year Certificate in Landscape Service Technician
Prepares student for entry-level positions in sales, construction or maintenance at wholesale and retail nurseries, landscape installation companies or landscape maintenance companies.

While in the program, students must fulfill PCC’s basic requirements for English and math. Consult a department advisor with respect to program planning and degree requirements.

Cooperative Education

Landscape Technology Cooperative Work Experience

Students working toward their Associates Degree in Landscape Technology are required to complete a total of six credit hours of Cooperative Education. Students interested in registering for co-op must pick up the appropriate forms from Nancy Pitzer, the Cooperative Education Specialist.

Landscape Design Cooperative Work Experience

Students pursuing an Associates Degree in Landscape Design are required to take a special Cooperative Education course: Landscape Design - Cooperative Education (LAT 280C). The student must have two design clients and will be required to meet with landscape faculty twice during the term, once to review the concept plans and once to review the master plan. LAT 280C can be used towards meeting the co-op requirements of any of the other AAS Degrees, but non-design co-op cannot be substituted in the two-year Landscape Design Degree. All co-op students must receive their registration forms from the Cooperative Education Specialist, Nancy Pitzer.

If you are interested in signing-up to be a potential client, see Landscape Design by Students.