Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Managing Your Future

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Do you like working with people? Excel in a fast-paced environment? Enjoy having a multitude of changing and unexpected tasks each day? If so, a career in retail service might be the perfect next step for you.

Retail opportunities are plentiful, but to be successful you have to have the right skills and knowledge. At Portland Community College, you can take your career to the next level in retail sales or retail management.

Depending on your experience and goals, PCC offers the path that’s right for you – from a three-month certificate of completion to a two-year associate’s degree in retail management. Earn more money, take on more responsibility and, most importantly, learn valuable skills that will open the door to future opportunities.

Degrees and Certificates

At PCC, you have three options that provide you with the skills you need for successful employment in a variety of retail supervisory and management positions.

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Less than One Year Certificate
  • Career Pathways Certificate of Completion

See the Catalog for information regarding program requirements.