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The Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME) Apprenticeship is overseen by the MA #1040 Metro Limited Maintenance Electrician JATC. Follow the links below for information regarding the Limited Maintenance Electrician Apprenticeship Program.

Class Schedule

Term New Course Name / Number Old Course Name / Number
First Year
Term I (fall) APR 101: LME: Electrical Theory Fundamentals TE 9631 LME Electrical I
Term II (winter) APR 102: LME: DC Motors TE 9632 LME Electrical II
Term III (spring) APR 103: LME: AC Motors & Transformers  TE 9633 LME Electrical III
Term IV (summer) APR 104: LME: Luminaires & Equipment   TE 9634 LME Electrical IV
Second Year
Term V (fall) APR 201: Electrical Motor Controls TE 9145 Electrical Motor Controls
Term VI (winter) APR 202: LME: Electrical Code I TE 9636 LME Electrical VI
Term VII (spring) APR 203: LME: Electrical Code II TE 9637 LME Electrical VII
Term VIII (summer) APR 204: LME: Electrical Code III TE 9638 LME Electrical VIII

Current/upcoming term Apprenticeship class schedules are available on the PCC website.

New and Old Course Number Crossover List

Please note: Section IX-d of the Metro Limited Maintenance Electrician JATC Apprentice Standards states "A minimum of 144 hours of related training shall be required during the first year with a minimum of 288 hours over the term an apprentice is registered in the program. " Further the same article states "Related training classes MUST be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better." (See ORS 660.126 e )

Training Agent Approval Process

Apprentice Indenture Procedure

All items below must be submitted 10 days prior to a committee meeting.

Mail or drop off completed paperwork to:

PCC – Swan Island Trades Center
Katrina Cloud – MS STC 108
6400 N Cutter Circle
Portland, OR 97217

PCC Admission/Entrance Procedure

  1. Apprentices can go to the Admissions webpage and fill out the online admission form.
  2. Wait about three days, then call Cascade Campus Testing Center at 971-722-5234 for a recording of when you can take the college placement exam. (For your convenience, there are other Testing Centers that may be more conveniently located where you may arrange your placement testing).
  3. Next, go back to the Orientation web page and complete the online new student orientation.
  4. Once these steps are completed the apprentice will be ready for class registration.

Registration and Grade Procedure

You may register for classes and print your grades using MyPCC. To gain access, go to www.pcc.edu, scroll to the upper right corner and click on the yellow button labeled "MyPCC". If you need assistance logging in please call the student helpline at 971-722-8222. To reach the registration helpline call 971-722-8888.


Print off the following documents as needed: