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WLD 203
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Structural Steel Welding Code & Standards
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Course Description

Develops technical knowledge necessary for the reading and understanding of the AWS Structural Steel Welding Code, D1.1. Purpose of course is to enable student to use a systematic method in the application and understanding of the Structural Steel Welding Code. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This is an outcome-based course utilizing a lecture format. This course is comprised of an introductory module and five (5) additional modules. Each of the modules, AWS D1.1, Section 1- General Provisions, Section 2 - Design of Welded Connections, Section 3 - Prequalification of Weld Procedure Specification (WPS), Section 4 - Qualification, and Section 5 - Fabrication, covers a specific section, or group of sections, of the Code. The questions following each module illustrate the type of 'question' likely to be encountered in practice.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Demonstrate professional work ethics.
  • Develop a Welding Procedure Qualification Record (PQR), Welding Procedure Specification Record (WPS), and Welder Qualification Record.
  • Complete Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) Document in accordance with AWS D1.1.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, understand, and apply the provisions of AWS D1.1

Outcome Assessment Strategies

The student will be assessed on his/her ability to demonstrate the achievement of course outcomes. The methods of assessment will include one or more of the following: oral or written examinations, written assignments, work habits, task performance and work relations.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Demonstrate Professional Work Ethics

  • Understand the importance of professional ethics in Code interpretation
  • Perform assignments in accordance to Code specifications and procedures
  • Follow directions in a positive manner
  • Manage time productively
  • Demonstrate skill in problem solving and decision making

Understand and Apply General Requirements

  • Definition of the Code
  • History of the Code
  • Overview of AWS D1.1
  • Definitions of standard terms as used in AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
  • Approval
  • Mandatory Provisions
  • Definitions
  • Weld Symbols
  • Safety
  • Standard Units of Measurement

Analysis and interperation of the Welded Connection Design

  • Drawings
  • Information
  • Weld Sequence
  • Weld Size/Length
  • Symbols
  • Groove Welds

Describe the Prequalified Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Process as it Applies to the Development of:

  • Weld Processes
  • Base Metal / Filler Metal Combinations
  • Minimum Preheat / Interpass temperature
  • WPS Essential Variables

Explain Qualification Requirements as they Relate to the Following:

  • Requirements for WPS and Welding Performance Qualification
  • Weld Procedure Specification
  • Positions
  • Type of Qualification Tests
  • Weld Types
  • Preparation of Welding Procedure Specification
  • Essential Variables
  • Acceptance Criteria for WPS
  • Weld Processes Requiring Qualification

Application and Understanding of Performance Qualification Test Requirements

  • Production Weld Positions Qualified
  • Production Thick nesses and Diameters Qualified
  • Type of Tests Required
  • Re-Test

Interpretation of AWS D1.1 Specifications for:

  • Base Metal
  • Welding Consumables

Interpret and Verify Compliance of AWS D1.1 Inspection Requirements

  • Inspector Requirements
  • Inspection of Welder, Welding Operator and Tack Welder Qualifications
  • Visual Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Inspection procedures (minimum requirements)
  • Standards and codes (AWS D1.1)
  • Applicable methods/processes
  • Acceptance criteria (AWS D1.1)

Required Text: AWS Structural Steel Welding Code, D1.1