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MA 112
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Med Office Assistant Seminar I
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Course Description

The study of the health care delivery systems, medical office management, interpersonal communications; and coordination of directed practice which includes a review for the national credential examination.

Addendum to Course Description

This is a required course which fulfills a portion of the curriculum for the certificate in Medical Assisting.

The extent of transferability or credit allowed for the course would be dependent upon the institution and the program to which the student is

Course is limited to students admitted into the program.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Develop an understanding of professionalism and how it relates to the delivery of health care.
  2. Develop an understanding of the roles of the professional organization in defining ethics and providing educational opportunities.
  3. Recognize and respond to verbal and non-verbal communications

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Students will demonstrate these learning outcomes by these tasks conducted individually and in cooperation with other students:

  1. Students are required to participate in class discussions, small group activities demonstrating an understanding of guest speaker presentations, lectures, handout materials, and audiovisual presentations.
  2. Students are required to summarize guest speakers and maintain a directed practice journal.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The following list outlines the concepts, themes, and issues you need to understand and be able to use appropriately. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding in written and oral form, individually and in groups.

1.0 Psychology and Communications
The goal is to provide knowledge and skills in the basic psychological principles, developmental stages of the life cycle, and hereditary, cultural and environmental influences on behavior. Develop and awareness of self-understanding and social adaptability for communications and actions with physicians, employees and patients. Develop an awareness of how attitude influences the outcome of any given situation. Understand the principles of recognition and response to verbal and nonverbal communication.

2.0 Human Relations
The goal is to develop an awareness and understanding of a culturally diverse workplace . Understand the adaptations of individual needs.

3.0 Ethical Behavior and Professionalism
The goal is to develop ethical and professional behavior as it applies to the health care workplace

4.0 Office Management
The goal is to provide knowledge and skill in basic office management, including the writing of procedure and policy manuals, maintaining inventories, assisting a writer/lecturer and making travel arrangements

5.0 Reviews
The goal is to give the student an opportunity to review first and second term material, thereby reinforcing learning and preparing for the American Association of Medical Assistants Certification Examination

6.0 Professional Organization
The goal is to prepare students to become professionals; understanding the roles of the professional organization in defining ethics and providing educational opportunities.

7.0 Open Forums and Lectures
The goal is to provide an opportunity for guest lectures and/or a general class discussion on related subjects of interest to the class. Also to provide an open forum for the discussion of students directed practice activities and the various procedural methods utilized at the clinical affiliations sites.

8.0 Electronic Technology

Understand the applications of electronic technology appropriate to medical assisting.