Course Content and Outcome Guide for HE 212

Course Number:
HE 212
Course Title:
Women's Health
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Course Description

Examines women's health issues from a local, national and international perspective exploring the impact of bio-psycho-socio-cultural factors on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and promotion of women's health. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Women€™s Health is an emergent issue in our society. Traditionally, health research and issues focused on men with results being generalized to women. Increased recognition exists that women€™s health has unique aspects that require distinct exploration, discussion and understanding.

Specifically, Women€™s Health will meet the needs of PCC student€™s who:
a)      have asked for a course to continue their exploration of personal health and well-being begun in HE 250€”Personal Health and/or   HPE 295 Health and Fitness for Life;
b)      desire to explore women€™s health and well-being issues using in-depth focus groups and;
c)      want to increase their diversity knowledge.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Identify significant women€™s health issues in the United States and abroad and analyze how these issues impact women€™s health status.

2. Articulate the impact of medical research bias, androcentricity, overgeneralization and double standards on women€™s health,

3. Demonstrate knowledge of gender specific health care needs for chronic, infectious and societal conditions which influence women€™s health, and

4. Evaluate the relative efficacies of public health and medical model approaches in disease treatment and health promotion.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Written examination
  • Critical analysis of material
  • Journaling and self assessment
  • Group problem solving
  • Class room activities and discussion
  • Oral presentation

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Critical thinking
  • compare
  • predict
  • hypothesize
  • problem solving
  • decision making
Communication skills
  • oral and written communication
  • computer literacy
  • calibration skills
  • cooperative group work
Intrapersonal skills
  • values clarification
  • reflective journal writing
Information Access Skills
  • collect qualitative and quantitative data
  • access current information
  • evaluate validity
  • Analyze how social, cultural and historical perspectives influence a woman€™s self perception of her personal health.
  • Increase health knowledge of current women€™s health issues
  • Analyze how behaviors, beliefs, values and attitudes influence a woman€™s current health status.