Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The North View Gallery is hosting three exhibitions associated with the 2016 SGCI Conference.



Exhibit Dates:
March 30 to April 29, 2016
Gallery hours:
8am to 4pm Monday through Friday, 11-4pm Saturday

The printmaking community in Portland integrates tradition, innovation, and technology, while also promoting social awareness and sustainability. Our relationships with industry, community development, and social collaborations point to progress as we evolve with our environments and maintain relevance in the changing currents of contemporary society.

Printmakers and printmaking communities around the world are in flux. We are moving forward, adapting and responding to the changing times while honoring our rich history and foundations in printmaking.

Geo-Codes:  Mapping a Practice in the Post Print Age

Curated by: Catherine Bebout and Karen Oremus

The boundaries that once defined printmaking and its notational definitions have evolved exponentially in the post print age. Each of the artists represented in Geo-Codes has explored the discipline in new ways, mapping and charting their own subjective experience in a manner that is inclusive of past, present and future forms of visual expression.

My Rules

Curated by: Michael McGovern 

The infamous hardcore band Black Flag created an unwavering DIY ethos in the late 70’s and early 80’s that would be a model for artist, musicians, designers, and foodies for decades to come. Black Flag created their own rules on music and touring with no label or music industry support. This attracted a large underground following from coast to coast. Portland has been known for it’s own DIY culture for decades and has been a haven for those who prefer to do things on their own terms. This portfolio will celebrate that DIY ethos. Participants are asked to take their own directions of their edition for this exchange and take ownership of the term My Rules.

Right In Front of Your Eyes: Building on Destructive and Unsustainable Practices

Curated by: Stefanie Dykes  

How often do we look through the very thing what is right in front of our eyes? We all behave as if we don’t see what is happening. It’s just easier to ignore them than to look directly at the problems. For the Right In Front of Your Eyes portfolio/installation, individual artists were asked to identify a current unsustainable practice of their own choosing. These issues range from coral reef destruction to water rights. Author Dan Gessnar in his book, “My Green Manifesto” says, “What we need are more hypocrites.” People who are not afraid to point out issues that need our individual attention. We need more hypocrites like ‘Ed Abbey fighting for the West while throwing beer cans out of the window of his truck.’ For the portfolio installation, I have borrowed from ossuaries’ architectural structures (or bone churches) because of the reuse of ‘discarded’ materials. Each artist’s print was commercially reprinted as a window decal and reconfigured in stained glass motifs ~ just to shed some light on these matters.