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Patricia Ferguson-Steger & Paul Steger

Patricia Ferguson-Steger & Paul Steger

Our educational careers primarily took place in Portland where we often worked with students whose families faced poverty as well as others classified as minority and immigrant. In our attempt to lead student learning, beyond what is often thought of as basics, we tried to instill beliefs of personal value, acceptance of others and multiple career options. In our retirement,  we continue to understand the need for financial support to assist students in their educational goals.

We were first introduced to the PCC Foundation through the ROOTS/TRiO program by our daughter who works at the University of Montana which maintains a similar program. We have had the means to help support that fund for several years and recently have been introduced to and want to support the Champions for Opportunity.

The Champions for Opportunity project is another opportunity for us to enhance our support of Portland Community College students, especially during these uncertain times. We appreciate their efforts in continuing their education and personal pursuits which will help them grow as contributing members of our community. It is apparent in today’s society that we need confident and well-educated citizens who think critically, vote and are willing to contribute however they can to enhance our micro and macro communities. Therefore, we are pleased to contribute to these future PCC champions.