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Math Center schedule
We offer math, statistics, and accounting tutoring. Please see the color-coded key on the schedule to see which subjects are tutored by specific tutors. To only see the subjects listed for each hour, please see the Subject Schedule.
Online Tutoring
Online tutoring is now available through the NW eTutoring Consortium. Please see PCC's Online Tutoring page for subjects and schedules.
New: Math Study Skills Videos
Learn how to become a good math student. The following short videos show strategies to becoming a successful math student.
Learning Math is Different
- understand math as a subject
Resources - know and utilize the resources that are available to you
Time Management - find time for studying, homework, and the rest your life
Effective Listening & Notetaking - make the most of your time in class
Homework - make the most of your homework
Studying for an Exam - find out how studying is different from homework
Math and Test Anxiety - learn strategies for managing your anxiety
Working With Your Math Textbook - use your math textbook effectively
Try it and see for yourself!
Cheat Sheets, Websites, and other Resources
A collection of resources for studying math.
Math Videos on YouTube
Watch PCC's instructors explain topics from MTH 20, MTH 60, MTH 65, and MTH 95. They are good!!
Math Work-study and Volunteer tutor positions available
Math tutor positions are available for students who wish to volunteer or who receive work-study through Financial Aid. Please fill out an application form and give it to the Math Coordinator, Heiko Spoddeck in CC 204. Math Work-Study Tutor Application | Math Volunteer Tutor Application
Self-paced Math classes
Take 0, 1, and 2 credit math classes at your own pace with the help of the Math Center. They are offered in fall, winter, and spring term.