Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


At PCC, tutoring is designed to give you individualized attention to succeed in your courses and beyond. Tutors will connect with you where you are and help you make your way to the goal of academic success.

Here are some tips for being a successful student which include tips on taking full advantage of the tutoring services, as well as tips for taking tests.


  • Reinforces your learning
  • Help when you need it
  • Support for in class learning
  • Encourages intercultural communication
  • Increases your sense of community
  • Helps you become successful and stay in school

What is tutoring?

  • Helps to clarify concepts learned in class
  • Answers basic questions to help you problem-solve your assignments
  • Reinforces your learning in the classroom

Why get tutoring?

  • Build your confidence
  • Interact with diverse members of the PCC community
  • Learn about other campus resources