Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Who We Are

For specific problems or projects, please call PCC Print Center prior to beginning the project (Sylvania Ext 4670). Comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Biography Phone Email
Amber Cagle is the Print Center Manager. 971-722-4346 amber.cagle@pcc.edu
Joe CrookJoe Crook is our Computer Specialist. 971-722-8061 joseph.crook@pcc.edu
Dona EmeryDona Auer is our Production Scheduler. She takes in jobs and keeps track of who needs what, when. She relaxes by working a second job! 971-722-4670 dona.auer@pcc.edu
KaylaKayla Himmelberger is our Graphic Artist.  She designs flyer's, posters and makes signs and displays. She enjoys reading, swimming, crosswords, and pub trivia. 971-722-4348 kayla.himmelberger@pcc.edu
Sherry AdrianSherry Adrian is our buyer and color copy expert and the friendly voice you often hear on the phone.  She enjoys biking, hiking, and camping. 971-722-4347 sherry.adrian@pcc.edu
Maggie SongerMaggie Songer does billing and high volume copying otherwise known as a Billing Specialist. 971-722-4818 marguerite.songer@pcc.edu
Fran Shultz is our production Copier Operator, churning out reams of material for you to use. She’s a skilled knitter in her off hours. 971-722-4349 fshultz@pcc.edu
Matt MccourtMatt McCourt is our friendly Delivery Driver. 971-722-4597 mmccourt@pcc.edu
Service Contact Area
Business Cards & Name Tags Sherry Adrian Staff and Department Business Cards, Color Copies and Name tags.
Copier ID Joe Crook Assigns copier ID, administers copier accounting.
Copiers-Staff/Student Amber Cagle Administrator for staff and student copier fleets.
Job Scheduling Dona Auer Coordination for all college in-house printing and contact for all printing. The Print Center provides quick copy duplication for classroom and administrative materials as well as color copies and posters.
Production Fran Shultz
Maggie Songer
Operators of the production equipment who provide quick copy duplication and binding for Sylvania and administrative materials college wide.
Estimates/Billings Maggie Songer Coordination for all college estimates and billings for graphics, duplication and printing.
Purchasing/Contracts Sherry Adrian Coordination for all external estimates/purchasing for graphics, duplication, printing and materials. Contract liaison for copiers, printers and external vendors.
Designs Signs & Posters Kayla Himmelberger Layout, design, and preparation of materials for printing and other uses.
Paper Supplies & Orders Dona Auer Coordination for all bond paper purchases for fax, printers, computer labs, etc. Paper orders are submitted online at Print Center Ordering.
Shipping/Delivery Matt McCourt Pick up and delivery of in-house printing and duplication to college centers. Paper deliveries for Sylvania.
Computer Specialist Joe Crook Online orders, staff copiers and server software.
Special Projects, Architectural Prints, Permanent Signs Amber Cagle Manager, Print Center