EST Guidelines and Process


Certificates will range from 12-44 credits from state-approved CTE and lower division courses and will be developed at the department level for individual students.

Certificate prerequisites, and the courses sequence for each certificate must be approved by the SAC chair and SAC Administrative Support. (See Individual Student Plan form)

For certificates that cross SACs: The required prerequisites that are the highest should be used to insure student success, e.g., a specific level of computer skills.

Individual student plans will be based on an assessment of the student’s academic skills, as well as educational and occupational career goals. Individual plans may include options for additional study as needed.

Once the Division Dean approves the student plan, the student has two years to complete the course of study identified in the plan.

The number of cooperative education credits a student may earn is limited to 25% of the total credits identified for completion of the individual certificate.

No more than 25% of the total courses for any student plan may be transferred from another institution to PCC for credit toward the certificate.

75% of the credits toward the certificate must be PCC credits and over 50% of all certificate credits must be completed after the student plan has been approved.

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better for all courses in the plan in order to be eligible for the certificate award.


PCC academic advisors or One Stop counselors should refer students to the CTE department of interest.

The Division Dean representing the primary CTE department will approve all individual student plans.

The student will sign the plan, indicating that the agreed upon content of the plan has been reviewed.

The Division Dean will keep a copy of the approved individual student certificate plan on file until completion or until the time for completion has expired. A copy of the plan will also be given to the student.

For certificate plans that cross SACs: The approved individual plan will be kept on file in the Division Dean’s office for the department in which the student will take the most courses.

The student is responsible for filing with the division dean’s office and for providing the division dean’s office with a receipt for the graduation fee within six months of program completion. The division dean will approve the completed individual plan.

Prior to sending the plan to the graduation office for issuance of a certificate, the division dean’s office will verify that students have registered for all courses in the plan and that grades have been posted. An attached receipt received from the student will verify that the graduation fee has been paid.

The certificate award will state that the Employment Skills Training Certificate is a State-approved certificate awarded by PCC. The reverse side will identify the courses taken by the student as well as the job entry point for which the student has been prepared.


For questions please contact: Sally Earll