Step 1 - Complete Forms

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Once the SAC has determined the revisions to the degree or certificate, it is time to submit therequests thru Couresleaf which will culminate with the submission being added to the next Degree and Certificate Committee agenda.

Please review these helpful hints prior to opening the forms. They will help guide the submission process.

  • Keep in mind submission deadlines - see deadlines on DAC Committee meeting page.
  • All submissions are reviewed prior to being added to the agenda, so please submit the material early so that the specialist has time to review the request and consult with you should there be questions.
  • Complete every section of the request, it will not move forward if not completed.
  • The curriculum specialist is available to assist you during this process, please contact him at or 971-722-7816

Choose the appropriate request(s):

  • Revision to Degree or Certificate
  • Program prerequisites change
  • Elective list change

When complete, submit the request to workflow. The request will be sent to the SAC Chair, SAC Admin Liaison, and the Curriculum Office for review. The curriculum specialist will contact you if there are any questions. Plan to attend the next Degree and Certificate Committee meeting.

Help Resources:

When you begin the "Revise the Degree /Certificate Coursework" section, it is recommended that you use the help resource that are available to you:

  1. The help button on the homepage of Courseleaf (top right corner).
  2. Help buttons (insert image of question mark thing) at each heading.
  3. Contact a curriculum specialist at curriculum office.