Step 3 - Committee Review

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The Degree and Certificate Committee, represented by CTE and LDC faculty, review each degree and/or certificate submission. They review for clarity, consistency and to ensure that it meets PCC standards. Once the revised degree or certificate goes before the committee, several things may happen. The degree or certificate may be:
  • Recommended for approval
  • Amended and recommended for approval
  • Postponed for further review

Recommended for Approval & Amended and Recommended for Approval

Recommended for approval and ameneded and recommended for approval move forward in the review process. The Degree and Certificate Committee chair will recommend for approval and will forward the item to the Dean of Instruction, Campus President, and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for review and recommendation.  Once approved, revisions are put into Banner by the Curriculum Office and the SAC representative will be informed.

Postponed for Further Review

Degrees or Certificates which are postponed typically must go back to the department or SAC for a revision or clarification. Postponed submissions must be submitted again in order to be placed on the next available agenda.

Committee Review Flowcharts

Review this flowchart for detailed sequencing of the review and recommend process: Flowchart of degree and certificate approval process.

Full committee review and approval or consent agenda?

These revisions need to go before the Degree and Certificate Committee for review and approval:

  • Change in total credits
  • Addition, removal, or swapping of required courses
  • A degree and certificate prerequisite change
  • An outcome change
  • Change in the total number of electives
  • Change in program requirements
  • Change in status open vs. limited enrollment (in web admissions)
  • Initial related instruction
  • Change the degree or certificate to a limited-entry admission from open admission (web admission)

These changes need to go before the Degree and Certificate Committee as a consent agenda item:

  • Course title change
  • Course number change
  • Addition or deletion of an elective
  • Change in the number of pass/no pass credits other than the default
  • Degree or certificate title change