Step 5 - State Approval

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The Oregon Board of Education by way of the Community College and Workforce Development (CCWD) office must review and approve all new degrees, degree options and certificates. The process requires collaboration between the staff of the Curriculum Office and the faculty who initiated the program(s). For each new degree or certificate the college must submit:

Labor Market Information:
This is where we identify labor market needs, employment projection, and average salary.
Program Application:
Complete details about the program must be submitted: description, all courses, program prerequisites and other details. The Education Specialists at CCWD prepares an abstract for the Board of Education to review.
Thumbnail of State Review Process Flowchart.

It takes approximately 8-9 months to complete the entire process from the time that the Degrees and Certificate Committee make their recommendation to the point that the program and the new courses can be offered. View a flow chart of the state review/approval process.


Final Approval

After the Board of Education reviews and approves the program the President of PCC is sent an official approval letter. Once final approval is received from the state, the Curriculum Office inputs the new degree or certificate into the next catalog, and the program can now be advertised, included in the web application list, and promoted on the web.