Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

2014-2015 Committee Members

Ann Cary Mathematics SY
Amy Clubb Computer Applications/Office Systems RC
Jeremy Estrella Communication Studies SY
Linda Fergusson-Kolmes (Chair) Biology SY
Marc Goodman Computer Information Systems RC
Mike Guthrie Physical Education SY
Doug Jones Computer Science SY
Pam Kessinger Library/Media Services RC
Ed Lindsey Fire Protection Technology CA
Pam Miller-Tatro Counseling SY
John Sparks ESOL SY
Rick Willebrand Apprenticeship CA
Dorothy Badri Academic Advisor
Leslie Hackett Class Schedule Coordinator
Craig Kolins Dean of Instruction
Kendra Cawley Dean of Academic Affairs
Tim McLaughlin Grad/Transcript Evaluator
Anne Haberkern Director of Curriculum Support
Vacant Extended Learning Campus
Pino Bello Student Rep - ASPCC
Sally Earll Curriculum Coordinator
Stacey Holland Curriculum Specialist