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Welcome to the Office of Academic and Student Affairs’ (OASA) homepage. The OASA is responsible for supporting the academic mission of Portland Community College.

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Points of Interest for 2015-2016

Academic and Student Affairs Areas of Responsibility

Self-Study Reports, Documents Related to Reporting
Institutional Policies and Resources
Academic Policies and Standards, Student Rights and Responsibilities, College Core Outcomes, Degree and Certificate Outcomes, Instructor Qualifications, Program/Discipline Review
Educational Advisory Council (EAC)
Meetings/By-Laws/Membership/Recommendations, Handbooks, Standing Committees,Task Forces (past and present)
EAC Standing Committees, Copyright Committee, Internationalization Initiative, Learning Assessment Council (LAC), Sustainable Practices for the Academic and Resources Council (SPARC)
Offices and Departments
Offices and departments that fall under the responsibility of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs
ASA Archives
Planning and communication from the past