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Ric Getter

Staff / donor
Ric Getter

“I think of my legacy as the little things done for people here and there. Some encouragement when people need encouragement. I do my best to do the right thing – and maybe it will have an impact on lives. Our donation is our way of carrying that on.” Ric Getter, PCC staff and donor

Ric Getter began his work at PCC in IT in 2006 and moved to Media Production in 2015. He was immediately impressed with the strong culture of student support among everyone working at the college – not just in words, but in action. PCC has a community of faculty and staff members who work hard to develop solutions to help them succeed, regardless of the often insurmountable obstacles they face. This culture inspired Ric to keep doing more in his professional efforts and in service to the college.

He is the current Educational Advisory Council Membership Chair, where he advocates for technical equity across the college. Ric wants PCC students to succeed with fewer obstacles, especially when it comes to computers and technology. He has seen the lights turn on for students he’s encountered, and believes that when students are supported and respected, their experience is positive and can elicit change, putting them on the path to success.

Ric and his wife, Shigemi, are showing their commitment to students even more deeply, making provisions in their will for a generous scholarship endowment that will continue their support of PCC students in perpetuity. For Ric, including PCC in their philanthropic plans was an easy decision to make. “I see the good things students are doing every day. I want to help students who will continue to break through barriers and build better lives for themselves and their families.”