Frances Fagan

Frances FaganAlumna

“Somewhere out there, a complete stranger had faith in me when I didn’t even have faith in myself. My scholarship allowed me time to focus on my studies, take a heavier class load and do as well as I possibly could in my coursework.”
Frances Fagan, a PCC graduate who finished her bachelor’s degree at Yale University in 2019

Frances Fagan started at PCC with a fifth-grade math education. She had just finished treatment for brain cancer and had no source of income, but knew that education was her path to a better future. Frances applied for a scholarship from the PCC Foundation and thanks to the resources and support she found at PCC, she got her life back on track and found her passion.

As part of her PCC honors project, Frances began researching sustainable design options for refugee camps–a project which, after two years, led her to receive a full scholarship to Yale University to continue her studies. This summer, Frances graduated from Yale and plans to move to Europe to continue her work and research.