Brigid Flanigan

Bridgid FlaniganDonor and volunteer

“My family and I continue to be inspired by the impact of our investment.” Brigid Flanigan, Campaign for Opportunity Committee volunteer and donor

Brigid Flanigan, President of Shamrock Holdings, comes from a philanthropic family who believes deeply in the value of education. They also want to make sure their contribution matters. “When you make a philanthropic investment, you want to know there’s a return on your investment. You want to grow programs that are effective, smart and measurable. You want to put your trust in people who aren’t afraid to try something new if it will get better results.”

That’s why Brigid chose to invest in PCC’s Future Connect program. “It’s lean, it’s efficient and it’s effective. We know that personal coaching and targeted courses help students stay in school – and graduate from college. And that’s the kind of return you just can’t get anywhere else.”

In 2016, in combination with a gift from her family’s foundation, Brigid generously contributed PCC Foundation’s largest cash gift to support the hiring of additional Future Connect coaches.

Brigid continues her commitment to Future Connect as a volunteer for the PCC Foundation’s Campaign for Opportunity, where she helps inspire others to support meaningful student success.