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2021-21 Honorary Gifts

The following list of donors recognizes honorary gifts received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

We make every effort to maintain an accurate list. If you find an error, please let us know by calling 971-722-4382 or emailing pccfoundation@pcc.edu.

In Honor of Ryan A. Aiello

  • Natalie DeWitt

In Honor of Jessica Lee Amo

  • Laile W. Amo

In Honor of Samuel Barbara, Ph.D.

  • Dana Pabst

In Honor of Nancy Bennani

  • Mary M. McCormick

In Honor of Elizabeth A. Bilyeu

  • Jerry King

In Honor of Officer Alexis S. Blank

  • Owen and Lynn Blank

In Honor of Françoise Bourdonnec

  • Alexis A. Fink

In Honor of Cheryl Burgemeister

  • Melvin C. Donald and Patricia D. Hogan

In Honor of The Honorable Margaret Carter

  • Suzanne Trebnick and Michael Vossen

In Honor of Jonathan Christie

  • Paula A. Veseth

In Honor of Kimberly Cooper

  • Chris and Tom Neilsen

In Honor of Ruth Culham

  • Esther Sullivan and David Floerchinger

In Honor of William Diss, Sr.

  • Stephen and Elizabeth Robertson

In Honor of Betty Duvall

  • Chris and Tom Neilsen

In Honor of Mandy Ellertson

  • Kris A. Corda
  • Kendi R. Esary
  • Angela S. McMahon ’12 and Douglas McMahon
  • Shelly D. Misskerg

In Honor of April Ann Fong

  • Roberta M. May

In Honor of Anne Frey

  • Ruth E. Frey

In Honor of Denise Frisbee

  • Eric and Anne Lider
  • Mary R. Liedel

In Honor of Erica Gibson

  • Kristine K. Nicholson

In Honor of Neil Goldschmidt

  • Bill Scott

In Honor of Barbara Griffin

  • Anonymous
  • Janeen and Douglas Hull
  • Tanya R. Littrell Kraus, Ph.D.

In Honor of Trina Hing

  • Anonymous
  • Laura and Samer Horani

In Honor of Doug Holland

  • Thomas Bauman

In Honor of Bryan Hull

  • Hawkes Learning

In Honor of Ann James

  • Micah F. Jordan

In Honor of Juneteenth


In Honor of Rachelle Katter

  • Thomas Bauman

In Honor of Betty Kendall

  • John and Christine Kendall

In Honor of Linda Kissick

  • Jerry R. Kissick

In Honor of Christina Kline

  • Marjorie and William Marshall

In Honor of Colby Lang

  • Melody D. Lang

In Honor of Marion Levitan

  • Chris and Tom Neilsen

In Honor of Morgan Lindman

  • Lawrence and Poppy Dully

In Honor of Jim Linman

  • Christa M. Shively

In Honor of Esther Loanzon

  • The Scotton Family Trust

In Honor of Sarah Loepker

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Jennifer Martin

  • Stacie F. Beckerman
  • Suzanne C. Hayden
  • Julie Horenstein
  • Hannah W. Horsley
  • Julia E. Jarrett
  • Kelly A. Zusman

In Honor of Mary Meldrum

  • Joan A. Daly

In Honor of Misti Michelle

  • Kristi and Kirk Helzer

In Honor of Jennifer Monnig

  • Charles Derousie
  • Alexis A. Fink

In Honor of Emily Powell Connor

  • Michael and Alice Powell

In Honor of Ann Prater

  • Françoise N. Bourdonnec
  • Michael J. Gentry
  • Jennifer and Aaron Monnig
  • Chris and Tom Neilsen

In Honor of Abraham Proctor and Tamantha Hoyez-Proctor

  • Susan E. Proctor

In Honor of Nikolas Proctor and Megan Bosch

  • Susan E. Proctor

In Honor of Janet L. Rash

  • Susan R. Chamberlin
  • Christina Kline

In Honor of The Honorable Barbara K. Roberts

  • Merri Souther Wyatt Charitable Fund

In Honor of Bernie Sanders

  • Nick Chaiyachakorn

In Honor of Megan Savage

  • Hawkes Learning

In Honor of John and Tina Sparks

  • Anonymous

In Honor of Kyle and Kim Spinks

  • Sally A. Mahalko

In Honor of My Students 2005-2019

  • Monia H. Schneider-Anthony

In Honor of Dorothy Swenson

  • Karen J. Ripka

In Honor of Carmen M. Sylvester

  • Alexzander Adams
  • Anonymous (8)
  • Trudy Allen
  • Kristine Alpi
  • Michael C. Babbit
  • Retha Jean Barkett
  • Stacie F. Beckerman
  • Noah Bishop
  • Owen and Lynn Blank
  • Diane K. Bridge
  • Ernest Brooner and Karen Wilson
  • Anna J. Brown
  • G D. Brown and Charlotte Brown
  • Michael J. Brown
  • Trish M. Brown
  • Karen L. Brunson ’83
  • John H. Carman
  • Timothy J. Conway
  • Virginia R. Cornyn
  • Irene A. Crosby
  • John F. Deits and Sharon A. Williams
  • Anita L. Dick
  • Eric R. Dittert
  • Arvin C. Dulay ’05
  • Randall and Laurie Dunn
  • Dexter F. Fairbank
  • Lynette E. Fay
  • Charles S. Foss
  • Sarah Z. Friedel
  • Commissioner Amanda L. Fritz
  • Craig J. Gabriel
  • Sara and James Gillette
  • Charles F. Gorder
  • Corbett Gordon
  • Elizabeth A. Graser-Lindsey
  • Allison A. Hajdu-Paulen
  • Nancy Harr
  • Suzanne C. Hayden
  • Jeffrey S. Heatherington
  • Natalie E. Hendrix
  • Christine E. Hertzog
  • Marc J. Herzfeld
  • Marjorie Hicks
  • Julie Horenstein
  • Hannah W. Horsley
  • Adele Hughes Hromco and Joe Hromco
  • Lenanne and Michael Isanhart
  • Julia E. Jarrett
  • John A. Jelderks
  • Robin and Jeffrey Jensen
  • Judge Robert E. Jones and Pearl F. Jones
  • Jessica L. Jordan
  • Kathryn A. Karr
  • Erin Kelley Scott
  • Tony Kullen
  • Jennifer H. Lakey
  • Margaret R. Larson
  • Justin D. Leonard
  • Carolyn Loch
  • Monica D. Loosemore
  • Jennifer J. Martin
  • Kenneth and Jeanette Martin
  • Elizabeth McNannay
  • Mary Clare Metscher
  • Joel and Janie Meyer Family Foundation
  • Sandy R. Moore
  • Anne M. Murphy
  • Karla Nielsen
  • Elaine S. Nishimura
  • Michael D. O’Brien
  • Erin Olson and Karyn Vincent
  • Frank and Diana Papagni
  • The Honorable Tom Potter and Karin Hansen
  • Mike and Mary T. Sallee ’91
  • Karen Santangelo
  • Hal Scoggins
  • Bill Scott
  • Linda S. Scott
  • Patricia M. Scott
  • Helene S. Searcy
  • Cathleen L. Smith
  • Linda K. Sullivan
  • Gary Y. Sussman
  • Roger J. Terrone
  • Marie K. Tripp
  • Underdog Law Office
  • United States District Court
  • Leslie J. Westphal
  • Adele A. White
  • Dan Wieden and Priscilla Bernard Wieden
  • Mark and Elizabeth Winslow
  • Benny and Carol Won
  • Janet E. Zurfluh
  • Kelly A. Zusman

In Honor of Tri-County Domestic & Sexual Violence Intervention Network Anti-Oppression Training

  • Robin Schnitzer

In Honor of Elia A. Unverzagt

  • Denise Harrison

In Honor of Keeli, Kiera, and Kahia Villarroel

  • Luz E. Maciel Villarroel

In Honor of Rebecca E. Vogt

  • The Nielsen Family

In Honor of Lisa Whedon

  • Rowena Paz Norman

In Honor of Wendy Wright

  • Mary Jane and Barry Noble

In Honor of Jane Zunkel

  • Hawkes Learning

In Honor of Kelly and Gracie Zusman

  • John and Joyce Cornyn
  • Nancy Harr
  • Gary Y. Sussman