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Sylvester “Sly” Luckett

Sylvester eating pancakes with his sons
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What do Sylvester’s sons think of his pancakes?

Coffee pot illustrated iconBoth boys give him five stars!

Sylvester’s thoughts

“I like how my dad makes them!”
— Sylvester

Sylas’s thoughts

“They are nice and hot.”
— Sylas

“To my addiction, you had a hold on my life for so long. Because of you, I missed opportunities to spend time with my boys, moments I’ll never get back. It’s been eight years since I’ve followed your lead. While you’re never far away, I’ve finally left you in my shadow. These days, I’m making the decisions. I’ve chosen to focus on my education. My dad wasn’t the kind to look up to or follow in his footsteps, but now my sons Sylvester and Sylas are watching me go to college. And I’m not missing out anymore. We have pancakes or breakfast, do our homework together every day after school, and drive remote control cars on weekends. They’re watching me become a better father and man. I’m not giving up – my boys are counting on me.”

— Sly

About Sylvester

Sylvester “Sly” Luckett currently attends PCC and is majoring in Computer Science. A single father of two, he hopes to pursue a bachelor degree with the ultimate dream of working in cybersecurity. Sylvester is a recipient of the Doreen Margolin Memorial Endowed Scholarship for single parents. The endowment is named after Doreen Margolin, who passed away in 2007 and was a founding member of the PCC Foundation Board.