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2022-23 Fiscal Year Giving Report: Imagine if everyone had access to education

We are excited to showcase key highlights from the Portland Community College (PCC) Foundation’s 2022–23 fiscal year, a period marked by significant strides toward our mission of dismantling barriers to education.

Our work is centered on enabling more access to opportunity, which leads to the ability to drive change. Each year, we seek to grow the number of learners the Foundation supports—and help them on their path through higher education. This crucial work would not be achievable without the invaluable support and collaborative partnerships we’ve fostered with individuals and organizations alike.

Our focus remains steadfast on strengthening support systems for students, collaboratively re-inforcing the regional workforce and strategically planning for the future of the college. We are eager to show you how our community embodies these efforts and energizes our college as we look toward the future together.

We continue to imagine a region where everyone has access to an institution like PCC—one that connects students from all backgrounds to the power of high-quality education and meaningful careers.

As ‘the community’s college’, PCC excels in being a conduit of opportunity, advancing equity, learning, work-ready skills, and economic and social mobility for all. We take pride in helping learners of every age and stage harness their unique talents and discover their untapped potential.

Thank you for being a cherished member of the PCC Foundation family. Your partnership fuels our vision for a community where high-quality education and the pursuit of one’s passions are within everyone’s reach.

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