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Dr. Nan Poppe & Deanne Larsell

Nan Poppe

Throughout my 32 years of working in community college education, I witnessed over and over again the difference community college makes in the lives of its students and in the community it serves. 

My time at Portland Community College was no exception. As the president of the Southeast Center, my proudest accomplishments included working to develop programs such as Gateway to College to help our most vulnerable students find success. I’m thrilled to see the transformation of the Southeast Center into the campus it is today, which serves many more students and brings additional educational opportunities to the neighborhood. 

Deanne and I decided to become Champions for Opportunity because we are true lovers of community college. We have always been the most concerned with students who have to work the hardest and have the furthest to go to obtain their degrees. We worry about the growing inequality among students and we know that the road to the middle class goes right through community college. 

Becoming Champions for Opportunity allows us to give students the chance to fulfill their potential. Many people don’t get the opportunity to do that, and we are excited to help change that trajectory and bring hope to students, regardless of who they are or where they grew up.