More About Deborah Evind

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My hope for this scholarship is that it will encourage women at Sylvania to continue the work they started in the WRC as they move out into the world, with a strong commitment to service, social justice and ethical behavior.Deborah Evind

Deborah Evind is the founding Coordinator (1995) of the PCC Sylvania Women’s Resource Center (WRC). She served in that capacity until compromised health, due to stage four breast cancer, forced her retirement in 2010.

For sixteen years the Sylvania Women’s Resource Center has played a key role in advancing women’s educational equity and social justice at PCC and in the greater community.

With Deborah’s leadership, the Center’s budget increased to 75 times its original size and its services have grown the WRC into a comprehensive college success center which supports the academic achievement of women, increases access to education for women, improves retention of women students at the college, and encourages women’s leadership development.

Deborah helped achieve all this through her thoughtful approach to providing services and with the initiation of remarkable programs such as: the Women’s Leadership Program, the Illumination Project, and the Sylvania Transitions Program.

Deborah has a unique gift for translating complex ideas into practical strategies and actions for change. She is committed to walk with women as they discover their strengths and experience themselves as leaders.

Over the last thirty-four years Deborah has actively worked in the movement to end violence against women and devoted her career to the joyful and essential work of women's empowerment, human rights, and peace; specifically designing and directing programs that challenge sexism, racism, heterosexism, and classism which inhibit the advancement of all people.

Established in 2010, the Deborah Evind Women’s Leadership Award Scholarship aims to carry on some of Deborah's most ardent commitments:educational access, support, and the opportunity for low-income women to develop leadership skills.