Life Tracks at Southeast Center

Contact Dana Jean Maginn | Women's Resource Advocate: 971-722-6116

Single parent, displaced homemaker, woman? New or returning to college?

Take advantage of the Life Tracks program that can help you plan your education and career. Life Tracks is a program of classes and support for those returning to school whose lives are in transition.

We Offer:

  • 5 college credits
    • 2 credits: Career Development
    • 1 credit: Introduction to Assertiveness
    • 1 credit: Values Clarification
    • 1 credit: College Survival and Success
  • Free of charge to the student
  • Limited support services
    • Child care stipend
    • Help with transportation/parking
    • Class with the same students - group support
    • On-going support during & after class

How to Apply:

Contact Dana Jean at for more information to access the program for Fall Term, 2014