Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

How can we help you?

Instructional Support provides course design assistance for faculty. The following are some of the ways IS can assist you:

  • Support for course design
  • Assistance with creation of learning outcomes
  • Assessment of learning objectives
  • Sequencing, chunking, and organizing course information
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Course evaluation
  • Use of technology tools.
  • Alignment of course outcomes with:
    • Learning activities
    • Course interaction
    • Tools used
    • Assessment

Getting Started

  • Contact your program's Distance Education Mentor to begin.
  • Please visit the link Distributed Learning Course Request Form for more information about the stipend for training and funding for development. (Click on "CLWeb" under the section "delivery mode". Please note that the request form must be completed by a division dean or department chair.)