Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Spring 2017

Topic: Sexism and interpersonal violence

Performances are free and locations are wheelchair accessible.

If you would like a sign-language interpreter for a performance please contact Disability Services.

Date Time Location
Friday, April 21 2:45-3:45 Anderson Conference CA SU 202 (racism)
Monday, May 1 3-4:50pm SY PAC Lobby
Tuesday, May 2 1-2:50pm SY PAC Lobby
Wednesday, May 3 9-10:50am SY PAC Lobby
Monday, May 8 11-12:50pm SY PAC Lobby
Tuesday, May 9 11am-12:50pm SY PAC Lobby
Wednesday, May 10 1am-2:50pm Syl PAC Lobby
Thursday, May 11 3-4:50pm Syl CC Oak/Elm
Tuesday, May 16 10-11:50am Rock Creek
Wednesday, May 17 12-1:50pm Rock Creek
Wednesday, May 17 4-5:50pm Rock Creek
Monday, May 22 11am-12:50pm Cascade
Monday, May 22 2-3:50pm Cascade
Wednesday, May 24 9-10:50am Cascade
Thursday May 25 9-10:50am Cascade
Friday, May 26 10-11:50am Southeast
Tuesday, May 30 10-11:50am Rock Creek

* These performances are tentative

"Sitting in the audience and seeing racism go unchallenged and seeing the dramatic difference when racism was challenged, was a very powerful experience. You truly shed light on how is institutional problem seeps into our personal life and the responsibility we each have to change it. I was not only challenged intellectually but very moved emotionally.

One thing I remember was how the students who were being targeted talked about how they felt more comfortable speaking up after another person confronted the racism. I took away the feeling and belief we can all work to end racism when we speak up."

Fawn Gustin, Community Member