Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Portland Community College Child Development Center along with the Early Education and Family Studies faculty created the following guidance principles and values. These principles guide in developing culturally appropriate environments for everyone in the Child Development Center and in the classes that we teach for early education students.

Guiding Principles and Values

As early childhood care and education professionals we will…

  • Honor individual learning styles
  • Build on individual strengths
  • Teach and learn with each other
  • Encourage experiential learning

As institutional change agents we will…

  • Acknowledge personal and institutional bias
  • Recognize effects of bias in our work
  • Engage in personal work to overcome bias
  • Take action at personal and institutional levels
  • Integrate culturally and linguistically sound practices into all learning communities

In our interactions with families and the community we will…

  • Recognize families as children’s first teachers
  • Develop authentic relationships with families
  • Respect and respond to diverse family values, parenting styles and ways of communication
  • Advocate for families and children

In our work with children, families and students teachers we will…

  • Respect and teach from the theoretical and scientific knowledge base of child development
  • Advocate for children
  • Continuously collaborate in the field, regionally and nationally

As developing individuals we will…

  • Challenge ourselves and each other
  • Take risks
  • Expand our knowledge and experiences