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Michael Sonnleitner's Fulbright Award (2009-2010)

Michael's approved Fulbright Project Statement, entitled "Teaching Peacebuilding for Social and Structural Change in Multicultural Societies and a Multipolar World", has three inter-related purposes: 1) to teach three courses involving Gandhian Thought, U.S. Government, and Issues in International Relations at St. Thomas College (Pala) in Kerala; 2) to participate in seminars and other events relating to teaching, curriculum development, and Gandhian educational philosophy sponsored jointly by St. Thomas College and Mahatma Gandhi University; and 3) to contribute to the "internationalization" of culture and curriculum at Portland Community College including laying groundwork for future exchange programs between educational institutions in India and Oregon.

Objectives relating to Portland Community College would include devoting energy to:

  1. curriculum improvements in courses, including PS/SOC 211, PS 201-202, and PS 205;
  2. enhancing instructor skills with respect to effective communication with diverse students;
  3. completion of an effort to reform and update Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) at PCC;
  4. providing public presentations on each PCC campus, summarizing some insights learned;
  5. continuing as an active participant on the PCC Internationalization Steering Committee;
  6. incorporating what I learn via involvement with the EAC and the EAC ASAP Committee;
  7. ongoing communications with St. Thomas College to develop a cultural exchange program;
  8. benefiting PCC students and others via opportunities for travel abroad experiences to India;
  9. benefiting the PCC community bringing students & others to share their lives with us here;
  10. serving as a resource person at PCC for future Fulbright applications and other projects.

David Stout's Interviewed by the CIEE and captured in their newsletter.

Alumni Focus on David Stout

Portland Community College, 2008 France Seminar Alumni

Dave Stout"We have been fortunate at Portland Community College (PCC) to send many faculty to CIEE seminars over the years, which has had a dynamic impact on the college's internationalization process. (Note: As part of an internationalization initiative, PCC sent 15 faculty annually on the IFDS seminars from 2006-2008.)

I was attracted to the France IFDS because I was familiar with the roles of religious minorities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; and I was curious to see how the French are dealing with their own challenges. Since my return I've been working to create ways for the scintillating dialogue of the seminar to continue online. I am currently working with the IT department of PCC to create a digital forum for PCC alumni to discuss seminar content and to share pedagogical strategies for incorporating seminar experiences into curriculum upon return. Since returnees' presentations have been so dynamic (Note: all returnees are required to make a presentation to the PCC community), I am also working to capture them digitally in a way that would be accessible and useful to other returnees or those considering participating in future seminars.

The seminar was one of the most important intellectual and personal experiences of my life."

Dave Stout finished his B.A. at the U. of Rochester and a PhD at Cornell University, both in German Literature. He taught German language and literature at Hamilton College in New York, Austin College in Texas, and Pacific University in Oregon. Since 2001, he has been the Dean of English and World Languages at Portland Community College in Oregon Road.

2009 Ping Faculty Development Fellowships

Bryan Hull

PCC Sylvania Writing faculty. Bryan Hull has been selected as a 2009 CIEE Ping Faculty Fellow.

The Ping Faculty Development Fellowships were established in honor of Dr. Charles Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) from 1992 to 2004. These awards provide assistance to faculty and administrators from CIEE and CIEE Academic Consortium member institutions, community colleges, or NAFEO-recognized Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to participate on CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars (IFDS). Awards are in the amount of $1,500 and are applied toward the applicant’s program fee.

The fellowships are designed to broaden participation in international education and strengthen capacities for internationalization at eligible institutions. To serve that end, the goal is for participants to utilize their IFDS experience as a way of increasing international awareness on their home campus. Applications are evaluated based on the connection between the Fellowship's mission and the applicant's projected plan of action upon their return. Candidates are required to submit a comprehensive outline of anticipated activities stemming from seminar participation. If awarded, fellows must follow-up with a report on the impact of their experience.