University Transfer

More and more students are discovering the best place to begin a bachelor’s degree is at a community college. Since the courses required in the first two years of a four-year degree are general education courses that you can take at any school, why not start close to home and at a fraction of the cost? Nearly 60% of Oregon freshmen are enrolled at community colleges. Our Transfer Planner can help get you started.

Start Your Bachelor's Degree at PCC

You can take as little or as much time as you need to complete your freshman and sophomore courses at PCC, then transfer your credits to a four-year school to complete your junior and senior courses. Our dual enrollment programs with PSU, OSU, OIT, WGU, Marylhurst University, Linfield College and Concordia University make it easier than ever!

PCC offers three transfer degrees to choose from.

PCC also offers an Associate of General Studies Degree and the Oregon Transfer Module.

Please see an advisor to help determine which degree may be best for you. PCC transfer courses are almost always accepted out of state, even at the most prestigious universities.

Small Classes

At PCC, the average class size is around 30. At a university, it’s not unusual to find 300 students in a lecture, especially in your first two years.

Low Cost

A year’s full-time tuition at PCC is about half the price of a public four-year college or university, and about one-tenth the price of a private institution.

PCC Credits Transfer to Universities

Portland Community College offers many of the freshman and sophomore courses you’ll find at universities everywhere, including art, the social, physical, and life sciences, music, literature, writing and much more.

Need a Fresh Start?

If you didn’t do well in high school but are now ready for a four-year college degree, PCC can help you make the transition. You can apply for transfer admission to a four-year state school and your high school record won’t be a factor. One of our admissions staff can help you get started.