Program Overview

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The MT program is located at PCC’s Rock Creek Campus, within 10 miles of potential employers such as Intel, SolarWorld and Maxim Integrated.  Most MT classes have a lab component, and must be taken at Rock Creek.  Some equivalent courses are available in the ENGR and EET programs at the Sylvania campus.  Other courses in WR, MTH, PHY, CH, SP, etc. may be taken at any campus.

You can start taking credit classes that apply toward the MT degree at the beginning of any term. Note that first year sequences must start in fall or winter terms.  Second year sequences start in fall term.  Most first year courses must be completed before starting the second year. See the academic calendar for term start dates.

Our Associate of Applied Science in Microelectronics lays the foundation for critical thinking and problem solving skills, providing courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics and electronics while introducing courses in semiconductor manufacturing and process equipment. In our program, you’ll learn how to maintain and repair the highly complex manufacturing equipment used to make integrated circuits and solar cells.  You will get your hands on actual vacuum and plasma systems as well as actual process tools used by the industry.   

As a professional equipment technician working in a clean room, you must follow strict procedures in order to maintain high quality and reduce particle count in  manufacturing, while following safety procedures for handling processing chemicals and gases. You must also have a broad range of skills, including good English communication and the ability to thrive in a team-oriented organization. By graduation, you’ll have learned all the skills you need for an entry-level position.

The faculty in the MT department will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the MT program by calling 971-722-7255. You may also email the department chair, Eric Kirchner.

Course of Study

Employment Prospects

What Graduates are saying...

“I am precisely where I’ve wanted to be since beginning this adventure in early 2004 after leaving my job of twelve years […] It’s great to finally reach this goal. Now I’ll have the capability to take my life just where I want to head.”

Jeremy Arrant (2006) Fabrication, Intel