Institutional Effectiveness

  • PCC's Institutional Effectiveness office provides information to support fulfillment of the college's mission and core themes. We strive to provide accurate, timely and accessible information for use in planning, assessment, continuous improvement, grants, accreditation, and state and federal reporting.

  • IE Office Directory

  • Enrollment Data
    Enrollment Reporting

    Level 1 In Term Live Data Enrollment Reports; Level 2 Term Extract Data; Level 3 Official End of Year Data; OCCURS Reporting Timelines.

  • Program Discipline Profiles
    Program/Discipline Profiles

    2014-15 Program / Discipline Review Profiles data sets providing demographic and enrollment data to assist faculty who are preparing for their academic program review.

  • Community Outlook
    Community Outlook

    K-12 Student Data Public School Diversity; Environmental Factors to PCC Community; District Map; Recession and PCC FTE History; Occupations Washington/Multnomah Co.

  • Organizational Charts
    Organizational Charts

    Board of Directors & District; Finance & Administrative; Academic & Student Affairs; College Advancement; and Campuses.

The 2015-16 Institutional Effectiveness web site. A production of the PCC Institutional Effectiveness office. Contact: or 971 722-7705 for corrections.