Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

When you have finished entering your time for the pay period, go to the Time Sheet screen by clicking the Timesheet buttonbutton.

Click on the Preview buttonbutton to review the information entered for the entire pay period. Click on the Previous Menu buttonto return to the previous screen and make any necessary corrections.

When your time sheet is complete and accurate for the entire pay period, click the Submit for Approval buttonbutton. Once submitted, you can no longer enter time for this pay cycle, unless your manager returns the time sheet to you for correction.

Timesheet screen with arrow to Submit for Approval button

Check the message at the top to ensure the time sheet was submitted successfully. Time and Leave Reporting screen with a message saying Your timesheet was submitted succesfully.

Your time sheet will be sent electronically to your manager for approval. Time sheets must be submitted by the last day of the pay period.