The class size was small, which allowed ample time for the teacher to answer specific questions. It was nice to become so comfortable with this small group over the course of the class. The class helped me learn a lot in a very short amount of time. — Student

Each day [she] would come from class she was very eager to learn more. She is still utilizing the things that she learned from that class today. — Parent

This class was dope. The teachers were great and the activities were amazing. — Student

She learned a lot of skills and had fun at the same time - seemed like they nicely balanced activities. — Parent

The class was well structured and safe. There were plenty of opportunities to both observe and participate. There was some friendly competition which was always kept fun… You found the right instructor for the age group. My son really enjoyed and benefited from taking the class. — Parent

[She] learned a lot and enjoyed the class very much. She will definitely take the course again next summer… The teacher spoke Spanish very well and clearly. She encouraged the students to speak and helped them understand each other. — Parent

[She] wasn't very excited when we signed her up for this class but came out of it and really, really liked it. She has used the techniques for relaxing and visualizing before/during her tests - seems to be helping!— Parent

Fabulous class, great sense of community. — Parent

Summer Teen Program