Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


I got to meet quite a few new and friendly people, and I got to experience so many pieces of art that were fascinating. It also gave me a chance to see what art in the city was like. —"Teen Drawing at the Portland Art Museum" student

The curriculum was perfect for the age group. The students were engaged and having a good time. My girls walked away wanting to take more classes at PCC. —"Zombie Apocalypse" parent

The instructor was wonderful. She was very patient with a bunch of teens in the kitchen, and I loved her composure and discipline. My son really enjoyed the class and finding out about African culture. The hands-on "do it yourself" approach, rather than "watch and learn" approach was priceless. I loved how they messed up sometimes and it was all part of the learning process. —"Taste of Africa Cooking Series" parent

This class taught me a lot of what to expect on the SAT and how to prepare for it. I showed some improvement from the beginning to the end of the class as well. —"SAT Prep" student

My teen absolutely enjoyed the class. It was delivered in a very age appropriate manner, was fine, and FULL of useful information and insights. My teen walked away with a brand new sense of what it takes to be financially prepared for College. —"Finances for Teens" parent

I had never tried archery before, as mentioned above, but I found it to be quite fun. It takes focus and strength, so it can also help relieve stress. —"Archery" student

Great intro to the Japanese language and food. Wish class were longer. —"Gohan Desu Yo: Intro to Japanese Language and Cuisine" parent

So much information was given and special effects that made the 3-hour class go by like it was 10 minutes. My daughter always walked out of the class with new information and experiences. —"Introduction to Black and White Photo and Darkroom" parent

All three of my sons participated in these courses. Not only did they learn new things, they had fun too! As a parent who is normalizing (or trying to) higher education, this is a wonderful way to expose teens to the glories of an area where they previously felt "too small" for. THANK YOU PCC Community Ed! —"Minecraft Modders and Make Your First 3-D Video Game" parent

My son really enjoyed the idea of learning to program, and the instructor was fun and very helpful! —"Make Your First Video Game" parent