Very good instruction. I appreciated having an instructor who knew the topic very well. —“Java Programming” student

All three of my sons attended this class. The instructors were brilliant, patient and encouraging. —“Make Your World With Games” parent

Learned a lot and was able to practice the technique myself. —“Makeup Application” student

Great for teens to be on a college campus. —“SAT Prep” parent

The content was thoughtful, up-to-date and included cyber safety information that was insightful and brilliant. A+++++++! —“Smart Phone Photography” parent

[My son] loved this class. It was a great experience for him and very inspiring. He liked the independence as well as guidance from the teacher as she walked around to each student. He thought it was very helpful when she gave him tips of what to do. —“Drawing at the Portland Art Museum” parent

The instructor was patient with the students. He spent a lot of time with the students that were struggling and gave them positive feedback.—“Archery” parent

Very enjoyable. My teen learned a lot and was inspired to try more ideas at home.—“Creperie Café” parent

I learned what kind of a studier I am and some skills that could help me study better for tests. [The instructor] made it all make sense.—“Relieving Test Anxiety” student

Enriched my understanding of Spanish.—“Spanish Immersion” student

My son learned a lot and enjoyed the class. He saved his materials to reference. The teacher did a nice job explaining the concepts and engaging the students.—“Finances” parent