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Creperie Café for Teens

Let your taste buds travel to France! In this hands-on class, you'll learn to make authentic crepes, both savory and sweet, the easy and fast way. Wear pants, close-toed non-slip shoes and a long sleeved shirt.

Japanese Cooking for Teens

Learn how to make some favorite dishes beloved by Japanese teens! Andrea Obana of Daizu Kitchen will show you how to whip up delicious Japanese items that are easy, delicious, and fun to make as well as eat. Wear pants, close-toed non-slip shoes and a long sleeved shirt. Supply list:

Dance, Music and Theater

Argentine Tango for Teens - cancelled

Learn the basics of Argentine Tango in a fun, supportive environment. We'll explore tango culture and traditions, various steps and also the body mechanics of this elegant dance.

Guitar Breakdown for Teens - cancelled

Learn about your favorite music and how it works on the guitar. Play guitar using familiar songs and styles. Instructor is an accomplished rock guitarist.

Rock Your Guitar without Reading Music: For Teens - cancelled

Learn to play guitar while using simple-to-read diagrams. Bring in your favorite tune and we’ll learn how to jam it. We will also experiment with writing your own tunes. Bring your acoustic guitar and a folder to class.

Teen Bellydance

Explore the Improvisational Tribal style of belly dance, a tradition performed in a group. After learning some basic moves, you’ll learn to lead and to follow. We’ll quickly become a community of dancers that nurtures change and diversity. Materials fee covers hip belt to be made in class.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus HT 08
  • Instructor: Jasmine Albert
  • Tuition: $89 + $20 fee
  • Dates: Mon/Wed, 7/14-7/30
  • Times: 1-2:50pm

Teen Interactive Theater for Social Change

Have you ever felt your voice has been silenced by the world around you? Maybe because you are young, a person of color, LGBTQ identified, don't have much money, or …? Use theatre to explore this, and take action to make some change.

  • Location: Southeast Campus SCOM 322
  • Instructor: Marc Fernandes
  • Tuition: $39
  • Dates: Saturday, 7/19
  • Times: 1-4:50pm

Emergency Preparation

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workshop for Teens

Don’t be caught off guard when the zombie apocalypse hits! Improve your odds of survival by learning how to fend off the walking dead, make an emergency preparedness kit, start a fire by yourself, and more.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus HT 307
  • Instructor: Kim Janik
  • Tuition: $35 + $15 fee
  • Dates: Sat, 7/26
  • Times: 1-4:50pm


Fashion Drawing and Design for Teens

Welcome Fashionistas! Learn to draw the fashion figure, develop skills in drawing clothing and create fashion figures dressed in your own design ideas or from fashion looks that you like. Supply list:

  • Location: Sylvania Campus TCB 215
  • Instructor: Eileen Celentano
  • Tuition: $205
  • Dates: Mon-Fri, 7/7-7/18
  • Times: 1-3:50pm

Makeup Application for Teens

Makeup is a great way to express yourself, but sorting through all the options can be confusing. Learn makeup and skincare tips, including what products to use, which colors work with your skin tone and how to achieve the look you desire. Supply list:


Radio Controlled Aircraft for Teens - cancelled

Learn the basics in this popular ground school class for radio controlled crafts. Includes training, gas powered vs. electric, types of radio controls, FCC standards and more.


Spanish Immersion for Teens

Don't let your Spanish skills fade during the summer. Get your tongue moving again with games, activities, discussions and more. Bring lunch or plan to eat at PCC's cafeteria. For students with at least 1 year of high school Spanish. Supply list:

  • Location: Southeast Campus  LIBR 216
  • Instructor: Elizabeth Giannone
  • Tuition: $95
  • Dates: Thurs/Fri/Sat, 7/10-7/12
  • Times: 10am-2:20pm

Money Management

Finances for Teens

We incorporate all aspects of personal finance to provide teens with the foundation needed to make informed financial decisions. Topics include savings, budgeting, what is credit, investing, risk management and entrepreneurship.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus TCB 217
  • Instructor: Laura Holcombe
  • Tuition: $55
  • Dates: Tue, 7/8-7/22
  • Times: 6-7:50pm


Archery for Teens Age 13-16

The ancient skill of archery is making a comeback! Come learn basic skills through fun archery games and competitions. All equipment provided.

Section 1:
  • Location: Rock Creek Campus, BLDG 5, GYM A/B
  • Instructor: Paul Webb
  • Tuition: $69
  • Dates: Sat, 7/12-8/9
  • Times: 1-2:20pm
Section 2:
  • Location: Rock Creek Campus, BLDG 5, GYM A/B
  • Instructor: Paul Webb
  • Tuition: $69
  • Dates: Sat, 7/12-8/9
  • Times: 2:30-3:50pm

Chi Running for Teens - cancelled

Learn this form of running that combines mind/body awareness, core strength, and peripheral muscle relaxation of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi with cardio-aerobic benefits of running! Improve your biomechanics to reduce injury and pain.

Kayaking for Teens Age 12-15

Discover kayaking! Students aged 12-15, come learn basic strokes, boat control and the fundamental elements of kayaking. Equipment and supervised instruction provided.

Section 1:
  • Location:Portland Kayak Company, 6600 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239
  • Instructor: Ann Brown
  • Tuition: $180
  • Dates: Mon-Wed, 7/14-7/16 (Must register/drop by 7/7)
  • Times: 9am-1pm
Section 2:
  • Location:Portland Kayak Company, 6600 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239
  • Instructor: Ann Brown
  • Tuition: $180
  • Dates: Mon-Wed, 8/4-8/6 (Must register/drop by 7/28)
  • Times: 9am-1pm

Ping Pong for Teens

Learn to play this life-long sport that strengthens your mind and your muscles. Learn from some of Portland's best internationally certified instructors and coaches.

  • Location:Pure Space, 1315 NW Overton St, Portland, OR 97209
  • Instructor: Jeff Mason
  • Tuition: $45
  • Dates: Thur, 7/10-7/31
  • Times: 4:30-5:50pm

Longboarding for Teens - cancelled

Learn basics of longboard skateboarding: how to ride downhill with control and safely slow down and stop. Taught by a friendly and accomplished longboarder, all levels welcome. Bring longboard, helmet, slide gloves, elbow and knee pads.

Soccer for Teens

Learn basic soccer skills. Class will include basic moves, handling of ball on the ground and in the air, and learning to keep your shots straight.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus, FIELD
  • Instructor: Amel Karaselimovic
  • Tuition: $89
  • Dates: Tues, 7/8-8/12
  • Times: 6-7:50pm

Tennis for Teens

This intro class includes grip, strokes and scoring rules. Bring racket and one unopened can of tennis balls.

  • Location: Rock Creek Campus, BLDG 5, GYM A/B
  • Instructor: Kent Slack
  • Tuition: $69
  • Dates: Wed, 7/9-8/13
  • Times: 4:30-5:50pm


C# Programming for Teens

Understand the syntax of basic constructs. Create and call methods in an application. Create new types; know the differences between reference and value types. Catch, handle and throw exceptions. Use inheritance and implementing interfaces. Text included.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus SS 213
  • Instructor: Ramesh Dindukruthi
  • Tuition: $275 + $29 Fee
  • Dates: Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri, 7/14-7/24
  • Times: 6-8:20pm

Electronics for Teen Inventors

Learn to tinker and bring your inventions to life! Using Arduino platform, you’ll get an intro into prototyping, designing circuits and programming electronics to shine lights, read sensors, make sounds, move motors and respond to switches. Supply list:

Make Your World with Games

Become a game developer using hands-on methods to design your own characters, art assets, game mechanics, and music in a game prototype! Learn visual programming skills in SNAP and Stencyl, 2d game art in GIMP, and music with Beepbox.

  • Location: Southeast Campus TABOR 112
  • Instructor: Jeffrey Sens
  • Tuition: $159
  • Dates: Mon-Wed, 7/7-7/16 and Thurs, 7/17
  • Times: 3-5:50pm (Mon-Wed) and 3-4:50pm (Thurs)

Java Programming for Teens

From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere! In this class you’ll learn the basics of Java programming. No programming experience necessary.

  • Location: Sylvania Campus SS 213
  • Instructor: Ramesh Dindukruthi
  • Tuition: $275 + $29 Fee
  • Dates: Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri, 8/4-8/15
  • Times: 6-8:20pm 

Test Preparation

Relieving Test Anxiety for Teens

Test anxiety getting you down? Learn skills that will help you get on the road to academic success. Topics include: stress management, test taking strategies, memory techniques and how to cram like a pro.

Section 1:
  • Location: Sylvania Campus SCB 202
  • Instructor: Angelina Davis
  • Tuition: $35
  • Dates: Fri, 8/1
  • Times: 10am-1:20pm
Section 2:
  • Location: Southeast Campus SCOM 324
  • Instructor: Angelina Davis
  • Tuition: $35
  • Dates: Fri, 8/8
  • Times: 10am-1:20pm

SAT Prep for Teens

Achieve your best score possible on the SAT and increase your chances of getting into the college of your choice! Emphasis on test-taking strategies and skill building. First and last class include practice test from 9am-1pm. Textbook provided. Bring #2 pencils, eraser and calculator to first class.

Section 1: cancelled
Section 2:
  • Location: Sylvania Campus HT 321
  • Instructor: Jean Mittelstaedt
  • Tuition: $245 + $110 Fee
  • Dates: Tue/Thur, 7/8-8/7
  • Times: 9am-12:50pm (first and last class session) 10am-11:50pm (all other class sessions)

Visual Arts and Mixed Media

Botanical Illustration for Teens: Pacific NW Native Plants - cancelled

Develop botanical illustration skills including native plant i.d., draftsmanship and painting techniques. We will visit nearby Mt. Tabor to record native flora then turn our observations into completed botanical illustrations.

Ceramics Hand Building for Teens: Cups, Bowls, Plates

Make cups, bowls, and plates using slab and coil techniques. This way of construction will allow you to decorate with stamps and patterns that aren't possible when using the potter's wheel. All finished work is glazed with a variety of colors that are food safe glazes. Materials fee includes all clay and glazes.

  • Location: Southeast Campus, TABOR 134
  • Instructor: Cynthia Silber
  • Tuition: $119 + $25 Fee
  • Dates: Tue/Thur, 7/29-8/14
  • Times: 2-4:20pm

Ceramics Hand Building for Teens: Sculptures, Vessels, Masks - cancelled

Explore multiple hand building techniques to make a project of your own choosing. Use coil building, slab building and/or pinching to create functional wares, a mask or a sculptural form. Materials fee includes all clay and glazes.

Smartphone Photography for Teens

Delve into creating dynamic photographs with your SmartPhone by refining your skills in composition and lighting. Explore image sharing and social networking, learning media-savvy skills for expressing yourself online without oversharing. Bring your SmartPhone to class.

  • Location: Southeast Campus SCOM 318
  • Instructor: Kelli Pennington
  • Tuition: $55
  • Dates: Sat, 7/26-8/2
  • Times: 1-4:50pm

Teen Drawing at the Portland Art Museum

Each day, we’ll visit 2D and 3D art in the museum galleries, and draw what we see. We’ll explore composition, shading, value, shape and perspective with pencils. We’ll also draw from our own imaginations, inspired by what we’re seeing. Supply list:

  • Location:Portland Art Museum, LOBBY 1119 SW Park Ave, Portland OR 97205
  • Instructor: Shelley Chamberlin
  • Tuition: $119
  • Dates: Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri, 7/22-8/1
  • Times: 10-11:50am

Visual-Verbal: A Graphic Novel Workshop for Teens

Drawing on the unique visual-verbal vocabulary of the graphic novel, create moments when characters struggle to make decisions and the world reacts in unpredictable ways. Outline your plot and complete some story artwork. All levels welcome.

  • Location: Southeast Campus TABOR 127
  • Instructor: John Isaacson
  • Tuition: $79 + $17 Fee
  • Dates: Mon-Fri, 7/14-7/18
  • Times: 2-3:50pm


Advanced Teen Writers Workshop

For those who have already taken the Teen Writers workshop, or a similar creative writing class, this is your chance to continue the fun and continue to improve your work. Bring your lunch.

  • Location: Willow Creek Center WCC 207
  • Instructor: Marianne Monson
  • Tuition: $69
  • Dates: M/W/F, 8/4-8/8
  • Times: 10am-2:20pm

FANtastic Flash Fiction for Teens - cancelled

The fun of fan fiction meets the surprises of flash fiction. Tell a compelling story in 800 words or less and utilize your favorite characters from books, TV or movies. Learn about internet publishing and copyright issues.

Your Story: Pen to Print

Give your life stories literary structure by applying the craft elements of character, plot, setting and pacing. Learn DIY publishing skills: book-binding, layout and design. You'll leave class with a ten copy print run of your own chapbook.

  • Location:Independent Publishing Resource Center, 1001 SE Division St, Suite 2, Portland OR 97202
  • Instructor: A.M. O’Malley
  • Tuition: $65 + $15 Fee
  • Dates: Mon/Wed, 8/4-8/13
  • Times: 1-2:50pm

Teen Writers Workshop

Love to write? Hone your skills with a published author. We'll write poetry and short stories, ending the week with a poetry slam. You'll learn how to find new ideas, revise your work and get published. Bring your lunch.

  • Location: Willow Creek Center WCC 207
  • Instructor: Marianne Monson
  • Tuition: $69
  • Dates: M/W/F, 7/21-7/25
  • Times: 10am-2:20pm

Summer Teen Program